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Jiangmen New Energy Battery Expert Group visited our company


On the afternoon of September 21, 2018, the National Postdoctoral Innovation (Jiangmen) Demonstration Center and the Jiangmen New Energy Battery Industry Expert Group and 10 members visited our company for investigation and investigation.
Accompanied by General Manager Tang Hongjun, the members of the expert group visited the production workshop of our company with great enthusiasm, and learned in detail the details of the production and manufacturing process of the diaphragm, as well as the physical and performance of the new battery to the diaphragm in the current market development. And specific requirements for research and development and innovation.
After the end of the on-site visit, the expert group and the team participated in a symposium hosted by Mr. Fan Jianguo, the general manager of the company. The conference introduced the company's situation, project investment, development route, research and development and innovation in the Long Century. General Manager Fan Jianguo gave a special introduction on the industrialization process, technological innovation, industry development and current opportunities and challenges of lithium-ion battery separators in China. Members of the expert group exchanged opinions on the current concerns of the lithium-ion battery separator industry and expressed positive industrial and technical cooperation intentions. Lithium-ion battery separator industry is a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry. General Manager Fan Jianguo expressed his warm welcome. The post-doctoral talent center and the new energy battery industry expert group can actively participate in the company's project cooperation, and hope to introduce talents, industry, university and research cooperation. Various forms of cooperation work together to promote innovation, progress and development of the industry.