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Ceramic Coated Diaphragm

  • Features
          Ceramic coating special membrane is based on PP diaphragm as the base, coated with a layer of nano-AL203 material, with a special process, and the substrate close. Significantly improve the high temperature performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries, especially for power batteries
  • Special membrane preparation power battery has the following advantages:
    High temperature resistance: ceramic coating has excellent high temperature characteristics, more than 180C can also maintain the diaphragm form.
    High safety: neutral electrolyte in the free HF, enhance the battery acid resistance, improve safety
    High magnification performance: Alumina in the lithium battery can be a solid solution, improve the performance and cycle performance.
    Low capacity loss: alumina can inhibit the formation of oxygen and LIPF decomposition, reduce the electrochemical specific capacity loss
    Good wetting: nano ceramic powder has a good absorption and liquid retention capacity.
    Unique self-shut-off characteristics: to keep the polyolefin membrane closed-cell characteristics, to avoid the heat caused by loss of safety risks
    Good consistency: to make up for the pole piece, electrolyte, ordinary diaphragm and other possible defects, improve the battery consistency
    Low self-discharge rate: the coating increases the micro-tortuous degree, self-discharge is lower than the ordinary diaphragm
    Long cycle life: reduce the cycle of mechanical short circuit, effectively improve the cycle life