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New energy vehicles become the core driver of lithium growth

     Government enterprises to pull the two-way, new energy vehicles into the gold development period. 2015 is the end of the five-year plan for the promotion of new energy vehicles in China. In 2014, the central government systematically introduced relevant support policies, including new energy vehicle purchase tax relief, encourage the construction of charging facilities policy, and the government and the public sector to purchase new Energy car requirements. In the second half of 2014, the effect of the policy began to show, so the sales of new energy vehicles began to heavy volume growth, 2014 annual sales of 74,765, an increase of 320% in December 2015 sales of 12,440, an increase of 290% Month sales of 135 million, an increase of 300%, sales in April 9,060, an increase of 150%. In 2001, the subsidy standards for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the year 2017 decreased by 10% on 2016, and the subsidy standards in 2019 were based on 2017. Down 10%, due to the subsidy standard of the slope, the car has a strong driving force to the rapid expansion of new energy vehicle production scale, in order to obtain subsidies after the scale of the advantages of scale, reduce cost pressures.


Power battery relay 3C domestic lithium battery growth as a new core driving force. Lithium-ion battery main application areas for the 3C electronic products, energy storage batteries and power batteries. 3C products are now mature, the average market demand growth rate of 15%. Energy storage is subject to cost bottlenecks (lithium-ion battery cost is more than three times the lead-acid battery), a short period of time lithium-ion battery is also difficult to promote a wide range of energy storage. In 2014, the central government began to support the introduction of policies, new energy vehicle sales began to blowout, 2014 annual sales of 74,765, an increase of 320%, this year sales are expected to achieve 200,000, becoming the world's largest new energy automotive market to Bike 40kwh to estimate, alone in the new energy vehicles in 2015 power battery demand will reach about 8 million kwh. From the overall market point of view, according to high power lithium forecast, 2015 domestic demand for lithium power is expected to continue outbreak of more than 13 million kwh, become the future of domestic lithium growth of the core driving force.



Is expected in 2015 power diaphragm market capacity will reach 1.696 billion yuan. Power battery demand burst will directly pull the lithium diaphragm demand blowout, according to the truth research data, the global power battery separator consumption and battery ratio of about 20 square meters / kwh. Domestic new energy vehicles to plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, high battery capacity, an average of a new energy vehicle battery capacity of 40kwh (taking into account the conversion of new energy buses), diaphragm consumption of about 800 square meters. The current power battery price of 6.5 yuan / square meter, higher than the traditional 3C lithium diaphragm, according to high power lithium battery data, in 2014 China's demand for lithium-ion battery capacity of 6,238 million wh, is expected in 2015 demand for 13,044 million Wh, to estimate the 2015 China's power lithium-ion battery separator market demand is about 26,088 square meters, the market size of about 1.696 billion yuan, the next two years the compound growth rate will exceed 50%.


Subsidy policy tightening superimposed subsidies to re-slope effect, power battery orders will be closer to the high-quality manufacturers. Subsidies are the source of new energy vehicles manufacturers at this stage the core of the source of profits, pre-subsidy policy across the board, industry cohabitation, companies around the subsidy policy to design their own business models and products, the cost of consideration even more than the pursuit of quality, 2015 new subsidies Policy introduction, according to the quality of ladder subsidies to become the biggest bright spot, since this year, high-quality power battery manufacturers in short supply, on the contrary the order of other manufacturers will be more dull, the future with the preferential policies and subsidies allow the amount of land reclamation, Some muddy water model of the enterprise will gradually fade out of the market, new energy car battery orders will continue to move closer to high-quality power battery manufacturers. As the diaphragm technology barriers are high, and for the safety of the battery plays a vital role, so compared to other lithium-ion battery materials, battery manufacturers for the diaphragm suppliers require more stringent, will be on the diaphragm in the technical level, Quality, supply cycle and so do a rigorous investigation. Power battery manufacturers to maintain product consistency, and quality certification of the diaphragm manufacturers to form a solid supply chain relationship. Before BYD, ATL and other front-line battery manufacturers are mainly imported diaphragms, with the current domestic high-quality diaphragm enterprises in the field of technological breakthroughs, and the cost of rising costs of the battery factory, a small amount of domestic high-quality diaphragm enterprises began to cut into the first-line manufacturers supply chain The The next few years, these companies cut into the front line of domestic enterprises will usher in a high-speed development period, the logic of two: 1, to share high-quality battery factory high-speed growth dividend. 2, the battery factory's domestic demand and technical assistance will accelerate the growth rate of these high-quality diaphragm enterprises.