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   Jiangmen City Loongcentury Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion battery , It separatored in September 2015 and Registered capital of 82.75 million yuan. The company has a team of experts engaged in the research and development of thin-film technology for 30 years. Backed by China's largest motorcycle manufacturer, Dachangjiang Group, It has established long-term cooperative relationships with many colleges and universities and research institutes.
Our Company plans to build a national-level new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery separator production base, a national-level new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery separator technology center. The total investment of the project is 500 million yuan. In the first phase, 100 million yuan has been invested and 2 new diaphragm production lines have been built. The second phase plans to invest 400 million yuan to build 8 multi-functional composite structural membrane production lines and 2 aluminum plastic film production lines. The annual output value reached 1.5 billion yuan.
Our Company has established a perfect enterprise management system and quality management system. It has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental system certification and IATF16949 quality system certification. It is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province and is China's "automotive power lithium-ion battery separator. Group standards drafting unit.
Our products are widely used in the field of lithium-ion batteries such as power tools, electric toys, drones, 
electric motorcycleelectric bicycles, electric vehicles, aerospace, military, and energy storage. From 2018, we will successively introduce products such as organic coated separators, inorganic coated separators, aramid coated separators, and high-strength safety separators. Our new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery separator material, aluminum plastic film packaging materials as the main direction of development, is committed to the creation of China's lithium-ion battery separator, aluminum plastic film outstanding national brand. Efforts will be made to contribute to the development of a new generation of strategic emerging industries,such as China's new-generation IT and technology industries, new material industries, new energy vehicles, and energy storage industries.


   loongcentury has been engaged in the film industry for more than 20 years of the core technical team, is China's first lithium-ion battery separator research and development team, one of the successful research and development with complete independent intellectual property rights of the dry stretch new composite diaphragm production process, and get more Enterprise certificate of honor and brand certificate


    "Strong cooperation and win-win" is the loongcentury to pursue the principle of cooperation, the Dragon century has a strong technical force, capable research and development tasks, mature sales channels, and selling domestic and international market quality products.
        loongcentury is willing to work with global partners to start technology, channels, market development and other cooperation
Jiangmen  loongcentury Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015
Utilizing advanced lithium technology to promote the development of electric vehicle market

      With the "thirteen five" plan on the development of electric vehicle industry, the planning and policies continue to implement, the development of electric vehicles market spring is blowing. However, compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicle market process is still facing some bottlenecks. "Thirteen five" period, we should rely on advanced technology to crack these bottlenecks. Among them, the power battery is one of the key components of electric vehicles, power battery to play the advantages of advanced technology, will be conducive to the healthy development of electric vehicle industry.

Electric car cost problem
Power battery and system costs in the cost of the vehicle accounted for the highest proportion, therefore, the cost of power battery system is directly related to the cost of electric vehicle vehicles, power battery and system to play the technical advantages, with the vehicle's technological progress, can be achieved The cost of a substantial decline.
Power battery is the unit weight of its ability to store the power to determine the cost of the "second Five-Year" period we achieved 180Wh / kg energy density of industrial goals, "thirteen" during the industrialization of the target is 300 ~ 350Wh / kg, this goal can be achieved through the improvement of materials and technological progress, once achieved this goal, the cost of power batteries can achieve 30% to 50% decline, and through large-scale, standardization and automation manufacturing Aspects of the effort to the "thirteen five" at the end, can achieve the power battery integrated cost more than 50% decline.
       In addition, with the vehicle lightweight and power system efficiency continues to improve, electric passenger cars can achieve an integrated power consumption of less than 10kW per 100 km, combined with the actual use of demand, the future mainstream electric vehicles equipped with 30kWh to 40kWh power battery system can meet The vast majority of user needs (full of electricity, can achieve more than 300 km trip). With such a configuration and cost, the combined cost of electric vehicles will have the ability to compete with the traditional fuel vehicles, and ultimately to achieve the conditions without subsidies to achieve the development of electric vehicle market.
The convenience of the use of electric vehicles
       Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, the current electric car in the course of the overall feeling is not enough convenience, one is the mileage problem of anxiety, the second is not easy to charge (charging time is long, charging point is not enough). Mileage anxiety is also a large part of the convenience from the charge is not enough, affecting the promotion of electric vehicles. Therefore, how to break through this bottleneck in technology will be a key factor.
       One way is to develop fast-charge technology for power batteries and systems. Most of the current power battery system charging time up to several hours (slow charge), an increase of the use of electric vehicles is not convenient, limiting the scope of electric vehicles driving. The development of power battery fast charging technology, so that power battery and system charging time reduced to 15 minutes or less, will greatly improve the convenience of electric vehicles and the use of efficiency, and advanced power battery and system design, you can achieve this fast charge ability.
      Another way is to focus on the layout, professional fast charging station. Electric car charging a long time, while scattered in different environmental conditions and lack of monitoring the case of long-term charging there is a big security risk. Therefore, combined with the promotion of fast-charge battery system, high-power, centralized professional intelligent charging service station equipment will become a necessity, a reasonable charge station distribution, will greatly enhance the convenience of electric vehicles and enhance the utilization of charging equipment The
       This intelligent charging station can be seen as part of a small intelligent microgrid, including photovoltaic + conventional power grid + energy storage + charging equipment, according to the specific conditions of different regions of the system components to optimize the combination to adapt to specific applications. When such a professional charging site after a reasonable layout, the electric car will be the same as the traditional fuel vehicles easy to use, and the use of cost is much lower than the traditional fuel vehicles.