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The Development Strategy of the New Century Industry in the 20th Century

loongcentury has been engaged in film industry for more than 20 years of core technical team, is China's first lithium-ion battery separator research and development team, one of the successful research and development with complete independent intellectual property rights of the new dry film composite diaphragm production process
Company products can be widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other consumer electronics, power tools, electric toys, energy storage and aerospace, military and other fields. In 2017, the company will continue to introduce ceramic coated diaphragm, high safety composite diaphragm and other new product line, put on the market will be a great performance to greatly change the domestic lithium-ion battery high-end diaphragm dependent on imports of the situation, and strive for our new generation of information Technology industry, new materials industry, new energy vehicles, energy storage industries and other countries to contribute to the development of strategic emerging industries.